Sh*t Not To Do Right Before the Beat Drops

Now I wouldn’t consider myself an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fanatic but I’ve seen my fair share of world renowned DJs tear it up in a club in Miami or Atlantic City. When it comes to an EDM concert, there are a lot of interesting characters, outfits, and life choices. However, at the Made in America festival I was shocked by the truly poor decision making that these characters made.

If you’ve ever been to an EDM show you know that the crowd goes absolutely wild when the DJ “makes the beat drop”. You can feel that moment coming. It’s palpable in the crowd and the song. It is in that moment that I found fellow concert goers do some truly stupid stuff. This stuff was often dangerous (see # 2 and 3) and annoying (see # 1 and 4).

1. Take A Group Selfie


I love that you love your friends but when you part the crowd like Moses at the Red Sea just as the crowd is about to go wild, you’re kind of cramping everyone else’s style. You pushed us back and away from the stage so you could stick or arm (or Go-Pro Stick) out and we aren’t amused. Also, please don’t roll your eyes when no one wants to take your group pic for you when the beat is about to drop. I don’t know about the rest of you but I go to concerts for the music, not for the instagram/snapchat moments.

2. Light a bowl


This should be a no brainer, but unfortunately it’s not. Smoke weed. Whatever. When everyone is standing millimeters away from each other, the last thing you should be doing is lighting a flame. Go find a tree to sit under.

3. Get on someone’s shoulders


My issue with this one is not what you may think. I frankly don’t care if I can see the stage. Like I said before, I’m there for the music. However, there should be some strategy employed before your drunk @$$ jumps on your drunk boyfriend’s shoulders. Don’t do it when the beat is about to drop. You’re just asking to fall backwards, to the side, or forward when the crowd unsettles your *ahem* base. Whatever the direction you end up falling, there is someone trying to rage. Wait for a calmer moment to steady yourself.

4. Try to leave


The crowds are tight. There really is no good time to leave without squeezing through people. However, it is much easier to do so when the crowd is merely head bopping rather than jumping with arms flailing in every directions. You’re just asking to get whacked in the head, elbowed, or have your toes stepped on. The epitome of annoying? The human chain. You know who you are. Linking arms with 25 of your closest friends to escape the crowds doesn’t make things any easier. In fact, you’d probably get out a lot faster if you just grouped into pairs. Pick a meeting spot and stop wrapping the crowd up in your tangle of friends.

Phew. Rant complete. I got a whole other afternoon of debauchery in store just a few hours away. Until then: soaking my feet, eating lots of carbs, and enjoying the air conditioning.


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National Farmer’s Market Week








This week is National Farmers Market Week! Support the little guys by going to a farmer’s market this week!

LOVE going to farmers markets. I think my adoration for farmers markets stems from the time I lived in Paris. While there are increasingly more and more supermarché in France, the French are blessed to have a thriving artisan food community. The French can shop for breads at the boulangerie, cheeses at afromagerie, meats from a boucherie, and of course produce from les petits marchés. Food shopping may take more time the “French way,” but then again maybe it should! When I lived in Paris I went food shopping nearly every day. I would pick up a few fresh veggies to throw into whatever dish I was making and of course my daily baguette. Let me tell you, shopping small lead to eating REALLY well.


My favorite market in the world: the Marché aux Fleurs in Nice, France

The closest I can get to replicating the French food shopping experience in the U.S. is at farmers markets. It’s not quite the same because I can’t simply swing by these places every day on my way home from work or school. Organizations like the Food Trust do their best, but the reality is that most neighborhoods in Philly only has access to the markets once a week. That’s a shame because it’s reallyhard not to eat well from food purchased at a farmer’s market. (Unless of course you just go for the homemade Amish sweets!) Talking to the person who harvested or created the products you are buying and later eating brings a sense of reality to the food you put on your plate. The reality of the matter is that if a person made it or harvested it, it can’t be too bad! When’s the last time you talked to someone who made a CheezIt? Yea… exactly.

Philly folk have access farmers markets from both Farm to City and the Food Trust. Of course, I can’t leave out all the incredible small vendors at Reading Terminal Market. You can usually spot me at the farmer’s market at the fountain on Passyunk, but going to the market at Headhouse Square on Sundays is such a treat! Outside of Philly? Find your nearest market at LocalHarvest.

This guide to which produce is in season is a god send and I couldn’t help but to share it here! Shopping seasonally saves TONS of money and you get the obvious benefit of eating produce when it’s at its prime! I love this time of year for all the fresh Jersey corn, blueberries, and tomatoes! Print it, post it on your fridge, and reap the savings!



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Bon Weekend

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Bar prep got REAL this week. The amount of hours I’m dedicating daily has seemingly gone through the roof now that we are on state specific topics. T-32. Aside from studying, I finally made it over to the new vegan bar in the Gayborhood, Charlie was a sinner. (yes, the name includes punctuation). I was really impressed, although not surprised, by how Nicole Marquis (owner of HipCityVeg) upped her game from vegan “fast food.” The vegan ricotta spread was one of the most delicious iterations of tofu I’ve ever had (read: not like tofu at all!).


The BF and I both got the mango lassi mocktails which were more like a mango lassi cocktail than the smoothie like texture of a normal lassi. Delicious nonetheless and I can’t wait to try the non-alcoholic version! The rest of the cocktail list looked incredible. As I was reading through the menu, I found myself saying “Ooh! This looks good!” to just about every drink. I’m so glad the vegan scene in Philly is ever expanding!

Here’s a bit of what else on my radar this weekend:

+   Save 20% during the summer sale at BaubleBar! I’m obsessed with the brand new BAUBLEBAR x STRIPES & SEQUINS collaboration which is included in the sale. I may or may not have already purchased the Crystal Mason Ring. The Mason ring is such a stunner (and only $28)! Most of the collaboration can be seen in the top image!

+   Speaking of sales, I don’t know what’s going on at Piperlime nearly the entire site including tons vegan leather apparel is on sale. Happy shopping!

+   Behold: the complete Philly guide to outdoor movies this summer. I’m all about seeing one of my favorite movies, Ratatouille, on August 9!

+   There is a new free yoga class being offered in Bella Vista (8th and Fitzwater). It will be held on Monday nights at 6 pm. Just bring your own mat!

+   J.Lo is creating a new line of vegan supplements, according to, following her 22-day vegan cleanse. I’m really curious to see what this line is going to look like! Vitamins? Protein Powder? I’m hoping lots of B-12!

+   Cue the tissues. These pictures of humans saving animals are beyond heartwarming. I love my puppy to the moon and back and feel that all animals are deserving of that compassion. These images struck a chord with me because it was posted by a friend who frequently posts her fantastic meal-filled dishes and reminded me of the disconnect I had with food.


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Bon Weekend


One week of bar prep = COMPLETE. It’s horrible because I’m cooped up studying inside all day now that it’s finally starting to be consistently nice outside. Realistically however, it’s manageable. I start around 8 am and finish around 6 or so (with a 1 hour lunch break, and 10 min brain breaks here and there.) I’ve been able to cook, clean, go to yoga everyday, and even go bowling last night. It’s not how I’d like to spend my summer but I know I’ll survive. Here’s a bit of what’s on my mind that has nothing to do with the bar exam:

+   I’m not really sure what I just watched here but it’s definitely in a whole different league from the typical dance performances you see on Sou You Think You Can Dance or America’s Got Talent. It’s light and human form mixed into one. While the dancing is impressive, I think the light effect people deserve the real credit.

+   America’s Next Top Model casted a young woman with vitiligo to be a contestant. Personally, I love this. I started developing vitiligo when I was about 10 years old. Even though I’m fair skinned (something that minimizes the contrast), my vitiligo is something I am still self-conscious about, especially in summer months. It took many years before I could walk out of my house and forget about the appearance of the skin on my feet, knees, and neck. I applaud Tyra and the other producers for casting beyond the typical beauty norms. If it gives young girls with skin imperfections – be it acne, psoriasis, or vitiligo a little extra confidence then bravo!

+   I’ve increased my yoga practice A LOT since beginning to study for the bar. It really is the only thing that keeps me sane and my stress in line. I have the tendency to hold tension in my shoulders, especially when sitting for 8+hours a day studying. I can’t even begin to tell you what chaturanga and wheel pose has done for my back. This Buzzfeed post with more appropriate yoga pose names made me LOL. I’ve definitely thought some of these things while getting my yoga on.

+   I LOVE High Street on Market. After brunching there, I knew it had something special going on. Upping its awesome rating, High Street on Market will be hosting a series with Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars fame. The first dinner on June 3 will  feature spring produce like ramps, rhubarb, and strawberries. The other dinners will be on July 22nd and September 30th. According to Philly Mag, “McClellan will speak briefly before each meal about the process of preserving and since the events are spaced throughout the growing season you can expect to see real diversity in each menu.” Reservations are suggested. $25/person.

+   I didn’t make the switch to a (almost entirely… more on that eventually) vegan diet to lose weight but I found that I naturally lost about 5 pounds in the first few months of eating vegan. This study speculates that part of the common vegan weight loss may have to do with how a plant-based diet affects metabolism.


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Yoga on the Steps

A few weeks ago, Arielle invited me to do Yoga on the Steps to support Living Beyond Breast Cancer. I had been considering going, but really didn’t want to go alone. My grandmother has ovarian cancer and her sister has breast cancer and I know just how much community support groups have meant to them since their diagnoses. A chance to give back to one of those groups is priceless. Once Arielle’s invite came along, I immediately registered!

Although there was a VERY long registration check-in line, the event was very well-organized and it only took a few minutes before I was inside the event. Once admitted, there was free Kind bars, free coconut water, and free Bai tea. Just a few of my favorite things! I met up with Vanessa and headed up to the top of the stairs to fine Arielle who graciously saved our spots!

As we made our way to the top of the stairs, I was seriously impressed by the turnout. The stairs were covered in yoga mats in every direction. There was just enough space for us to pass by and continue upwards. Although the event was mostly women, there was a respectable amount of men in the group too.


The view from the top of the stairs is iconic and to be able to do yoga among so many people with such positive energy was incredible. It was an experience I will never forget and one I hope to repeat in the future. One of my favorite moments during the practice was the partner yoga. At one point we all got in a big Rockette-esque line and held each other up during tree pose. The instructor reminded us to raise each other up and how strong we are together as a community. It was a beautiful and moving moment and very creative on part of the instructor.


I snapped this next pic as we entered shavasana (my favorite but most difficult asana). It was a perfect morning and to bask in the glow of the sun was such a treat. Outdoor yoga is something I’m enjoying more and more. Sometimes uneven ground makes things more difficult but standing in Warrior II as a breeze blows over you is indescribable! I’m going to try to make it to Yoga in the Park or Yoga on Race Street Pier more often.


For some more pictures and another point of view on the event check out Arielle’s blog.