Hello, Ted Baker!

Ted Baker is one of those brands that I’ve heard of but really had no idea what it’s style was like. Recently, I’ve been seeing lots of bloggers posting #ootd shots decked out in Ted Baker. The verdict? Ted Baker is a little retro, a little conservative, and bursting with interesting fabrics, colors, and embellishments.


pink dress

ted-baker-london-peplum-sweater-500x791This sweater is EVERYTHING!

All these outfits have me seriously wanting to upgrade my fall wardrobe. Good thing Ted Baker is running their fall sale (20% off everything with the code: 20DAY)!

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Sayonara Summer


Labor Day Weekend is a bitter sweet time for me. It means summer is ending and winter is coming #GoTReference. No more beach days, 12+ hours of sun light, white jeans, or flip-flops. Normally I’d say I’m sad to see the long lazy days of summer go. However, Summer 2014 wasn’t my typical summer (thanks bar prep) so I have to say I’m ready to put it behind me.

After the bar exam I did do some exciting stuff like go to Florida, move in with my BF, learn to live with a puppy (still in progress), start my first real job, and survive a music festival. So I can’t say that summer 2014 was all that bad. Just a bit too condensed for my taste.

I use described LDW as bittersweet because I have to admit that fall is one of my favorite times of year. I think it stems from the fact that I secretly loved going back to school. More so than at New Years, I find autumn to be my time of change and renewal. New planners, new outfits, and new schedules. I love it all! Cue the low humidity, leaves changing colors, bonfires, broken in jeans, puffer vests, apple cider, football, and pumpkin everything. What’s not to like? Besides the whole winter is coming part…


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