Cleanse Diary: Day 1

Dear Diary,

I survived Day 1 but why, oh why, does food smell so good? The juices fill me, but walking past Honeygrow today was more difficult than that hot yoga class last night. I’ve told myself that if I need to, I’ll eat half an avocado or something but so far so good. I’m honestly a little afraid to eat anything, however small, because I know myself… I’ll be munching down on a Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich before you know it.

Overall, I’m really liking the juices and it definitely helps that my BF decided to join me. I couldn’t imagine having him cooking in the apartment. I lucked out with that one.

I’ve noticed with each juice comes a new set of thoughts and emotions. Here’s a little stream of conscious rambling based on my experience with  each drink:

Juice 1 (Green Juice): This is good… Kinda tastes just like my green juice at home… Wait this is pretty much my green juice recipe… Why did I pay for this?… ohhhh 6 pounds of fruit and veggies/juice…. Show offs.

Juice 2 (Pineapple, Apple, Mint): Mmmm delish!…What does this need?… Vodka!….ugh.

Juice 3 (Green Juice): Everyone around me is eating lunch… Just pretend this is a salad….  bread please!…. Stop being weak! It’s only been 1 morning of juice!

Juice 4 (Spicy Lemonade): Shit this is spicy… I have funky spicy breath and I’m meeting a bunch of people at the office… What a first impression.

Juice 5 (Beets): This is sour…. It better keep me alive before barre class… oh crap I’m definitely going to need to pee 20 times during barre class… #fail

Juice 6 (Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Milk): This is just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch SWOON… I’m going to live for this drink for the next 3 days… Wait are those chunks?

Rest assured world. I’m not going to bed hungry. T-2 days.



Pale and Proud


There are many words people may use to describe me. “Bronzed,” “tan,” and “sun kissed” are not among them. In other words I’m P.A.L.E.  However, coming off a 10 day vacation in South Florida, I may have gotten enough color to be considered “not translucent.” #victory. Honestly though, the greatest victory was that the color I achieved was not red. While I love laying out on the beach with a good book as much as anyone, I couldn’t fathom doing it without a hat on my head and covered from head to toe in SPF 30+.

While in Florida, I read this article from Well + Good which asked whether avoiding a tan is a subversive beauty act. I found that question in itself to be a entirely ridiculous. In my opinion, taking care of one’s skin is one of the most overt beauty acts a person can make. Slathering on some sunscreen is more long-sighted than any mascara or lip stick could dream to be.

My beach day sunscreen ritual (lotion first, spray for touch ups, oil free for face, reapplication every hour and after going in the water) is something I don’t give much thought to. I know what works for me so that I don’t burn but I don’t think I ever thought about how sunscreen works or if my sun could be damaged even if I don’t burn. This video really opened my eyes about how sun damage is not always visible to the naked eye and how sunscreen works to protect against that damage.

I remember in college jokingly telling my tanning-bed addicted friends that they may look good now but I’m going to look great when I’m 50. However, I had it all wrong. By making that statement, I implied that I didn’t currently look good because I wasn’t a sun/”UV light”-worshipper. There is no depreciated standard of beauty for fair skinned people nor any shortage of safe tanning options. My skin looked great then, it looks great now, and when I’m 50 I’ll be 50. I may be fair skinned but I can still glow.

– B

P.S. For a bomb spray tan in Philly my go to spots are Bronzed Bee [406 S. 20th St.] and Bronzed [1120 Walnut St.].

Clean Body. Clean Mind.


So I went to Whole Foods today to pick up some vitamins. What did I leave with? 18 bottles of juice. Kinda the same thing… right? Let me tell you how it happened. I was minding my business, trying all the free samples around the store when I walked by the juice aisle. That’s where I saw it… the little yellow sign. Blueprint Juices were on sale. Praise be to Gwyneth Paltrow.

I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse for a while but they are so expensive and trying to schedule 3 socially acceptable days to avoid food is very difficult! However, today the stars aligned. I’m fresh off of 10 days of vacation where I enjoyed eating just a little too much, I’ve got nothing to do besides go to barre classes and run some errands, and my next social engagement (a pool party with former classmates) is Saturday. Feeling like a fatty + 3 free days + wearing a bikini in front of more than my boyfriend + SALE + starting a new job on Monday and needing a physical reset= this (and a lot of concerned looks from elderly women in Whole Foods.) I swear I love food!!

So I realize I’m not in the prime position to start cleansing tomorrow. I didn’t spend all day yesterday eating salads and weaning my body off of sugars/carbs/solids in general. Today I’m trying to eat mostly veggies to make up for it. I’ve had avocado toast and some sweet potato fries as a snack. My last meal? Hummus and veggies.

Any tips for a cleansing virgin?


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When I was in high school, a friend and I would jot down “pretty” words that we would come across in class to kill some boredom. You know those words, the ones that roll easily off the tongue and are absent of any vocal staccato.Denouement. Lithe. Assemblage. I came across this image while killing boredom the 21st century way–on Pinterest– and not only would sophrosyne have a notable place on the “pretty word list” but I absolutely love its meaning.

Sophrosyne: (noun) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and deep understanding of one’s true self, and resulting in true happiness.

If that is not the goal of life, I don’t know what is.


National Farmer’s Market Week








This week is National Farmers Market Week! Support the little guys by going to a farmer’s market this week!

LOVE going to farmers markets. I think my adoration for farmers markets stems from the time I lived in Paris. While there are increasingly more and more supermarché in France, the French are blessed to have a thriving artisan food community. The French can shop for breads at the boulangerie, cheeses at afromagerie, meats from a boucherie, and of course produce from les petits marchés. Food shopping may take more time the “French way,” but then again maybe it should! When I lived in Paris I went food shopping nearly every day. I would pick up a few fresh veggies to throw into whatever dish I was making and of course my daily baguette. Let me tell you, shopping small lead to eating REALLY well.


My favorite market in the world: the Marché aux Fleurs in Nice, France

The closest I can get to replicating the French food shopping experience in the U.S. is at farmers markets. It’s not quite the same because I can’t simply swing by these places every day on my way home from work or school. Organizations like the Food Trust do their best, but the reality is that most neighborhoods in Philly only has access to the markets once a week. That’s a shame because it’s reallyhard not to eat well from food purchased at a farmer’s market. (Unless of course you just go for the homemade Amish sweets!) Talking to the person who harvested or created the products you are buying and later eating brings a sense of reality to the food you put on your plate. The reality of the matter is that if a person made it or harvested it, it can’t be too bad! When’s the last time you talked to someone who made a CheezIt? Yea… exactly.

Philly folk have access farmers markets from both Farm to City and the Food Trust. Of course, I can’t leave out all the incredible small vendors at Reading Terminal Market. You can usually spot me at the farmer’s market at the fountain on Passyunk, but going to the market at Headhouse Square on Sundays is such a treat! Outside of Philly? Find your nearest market at LocalHarvest.

This guide to which produce is in season is a god send and I couldn’t help but to share it here! Shopping seasonally saves TONS of money and you get the obvious benefit of eating produce when it’s at its prime! I love this time of year for all the fresh Jersey corn, blueberries, and tomatoes! Print it, post it on your fridge, and reap the savings!



– B

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