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A Bit About C + Q

Cocktails +  Quinoa is the result of a New Years Resolution to “do better.” I wanted to work on my fitness and diet but felt intimidated by the thought of setting a specific goals for myself, like work out “X times/week” or lose “X” pounds. I have “done better” since the start of 2014 and have been amazed by just how much I like my new healthier lifestyle. C+Q is my way of sharing that journey in the city of brotherly love.  Recipes are all vegetarian and most are vegan or easily vegan-ized.

A Bit About Me

I’m a South Jersey girl currently living in South Philly. I’m a book worm, francophile, farmer’s market enthusiast, type-A yuppie with some serious wanderlust. I’m girlfriend to the greatest man on the planet and co-puppy parent to an adorable maltipoo rescue named Beau.

I’ve lived in Philly for almost 7 years and I’m really excited to share my love of this city with you all. I just finished up law school and will be clerking for a judge in New Jersey next year. After that? Who knows what!

I have shifted to a mostly vegan/plant-based diet to address tummy issues align myself with a more humane diet. However, I would not consider myself a “vegan.” Labels stress me out. I eat a plant-based diet at home but when I’m out I don’t stress over a little parmesan shaving or if the bread was glazed with egg.

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