25 Before 25

Start: 8/20/2014

End: 2/20/2014

0 Complete // 25 To Go


1. Learn Calligraphy

2. Learn how to use my DSLR camera

3. Read 6 books (1/month)

4. Learn Hebrew

5. Complete Whitney English Define Your Core Worksheets

6. Go to a new museum


7. Complete 2 more races

8. Hold forearm plank for 2 minutes

9. Complete Kayla Itsines Program

10. Do a juice cleanse

11. Find a skin care regime

12. Play basketball with Abie


13. Switch to vegan beauty products

14. Join a “Young Friends” group

15. Volunteer somewhere 6 times

16. Grow a garden

17. Host a vegan dinner party


18. Explore a new city

19. Go to a music festival

20. Go hiking


21. Pack lunch every day for a month

22. Begin Retirement/Investment planning

23. Save a $5000 nest egg


24. Do a blog give away

25. Create a Philly guide for the blog


A penny for your thoughts

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