Sh*t Not To Do Right Before the Beat Drops

Now I wouldn’t consider myself an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fanatic but I’ve seen my fair share of world renowned DJs tear it up in a club in Miami or Atlantic City. When it comes to an EDM concert, there are a lot of interesting characters, outfits, and life choices. However, at the Made in America festival I was shocked by the truly poor decision making that these characters made.

If you’ve ever been to an EDM show you know that the crowd goes absolutely wild when the DJ “makes the beat drop”. You can feel that moment coming. It’s palpable in the crowd and the song. It is in that moment that I found fellow concert goers do some truly stupid stuff. This stuff was often dangerous (see # 2 and 3) and annoying (see # 1 and 4).

1. Take A Group Selfie


I love that you love your friends but when you part the crowd like Moses at the Red Sea just as the crowd is about to go wild, you’re kind of cramping everyone else’s style. You pushed us back and away from the stage so you could stick or arm (or Go-Pro Stick) out and we aren’t amused. Also, please don’t roll your eyes when no one wants to take your group pic for you when the beat is about to drop. I don’t know about the rest of you but I go to concerts for the music, not for the instagram/snapchat moments.

2. Light a bowl


This should be a no brainer, but unfortunately it’s not. Smoke weed. Whatever. When everyone is standing millimeters away from each other, the last thing you should be doing is lighting a flame. Go find a tree to sit under.

3. Get on someone’s shoulders


My issue with this one is not what you may think. I frankly don’t care if I can see the stage. Like I said before, I’m there for the music. However, there should be some strategy employed before your drunk @$$ jumps on your drunk boyfriend’s shoulders. Don’t do it when the beat is about to drop. You’re just asking to fall backwards, to the side, or forward when the crowd unsettles your *ahem* base. Whatever the direction you end up falling, there is someone trying to rage. Wait for a calmer moment to steady yourself.

4. Try to leave


The crowds are tight. There really is no good time to leave without squeezing through people. However, it is much easier to do so when the crowd is merely head bopping rather than jumping with arms flailing in every directions. You’re just asking to get whacked in the head, elbowed, or have your toes stepped on. The epitome of annoying? The human chain. You know who you are. Linking arms with 25 of your closest friends to escape the crowds doesn’t make things any easier. In fact, you’d probably get out a lot faster if you just grouped into pairs. Pick a meeting spot and stop wrapping the crowd up in your tangle of friends.

Phew. Rant complete. I got a whole other afternoon of debauchery in store just a few hours away. Until then: soaking my feet, eating lots of carbs, and enjoying the air conditioning.


Image 1, 2, 3, 4


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