Cleanse Diary: Day 1

Dear Diary,

I survived Day 1 but why, oh why, does food smell so good? The juices fill me, but walking past Honeygrow today was more difficult than that hot yoga class last night. I’ve told myself that if I need to, I’ll eat half an avocado or something but so far so good. I’m honestly a little afraid to eat anything, however small, because I know myself… I’ll be munching down on a Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich before you know it.

Overall, I’m really liking the juices and it definitely helps that my BF decided to join me. I couldn’t imagine having him cooking in the apartment. I lucked out with that one.

I’ve noticed with each juice comes a new set of thoughts and emotions. Here’s a little stream of conscious rambling based on my experience with  each drink:

Juice 1 (Green Juice): This is good… Kinda tastes just like my green juice at home… Wait this is pretty much my green juice recipe… Why did I pay for this?… ohhhh 6 pounds of fruit and veggies/juice…. Show offs.

Juice 2 (Pineapple, Apple, Mint): Mmmm delish!…What does this need?… Vodka!….ugh.

Juice 3 (Green Juice): Everyone around me is eating lunch… Just pretend this is a salad….  bread please!…. Stop being weak! It’s only been 1 morning of juice!

Juice 4 (Spicy Lemonade): Shit this is spicy… I have funky spicy breath and I’m meeting a bunch of people at the office… What a first impression.

Juice 5 (Beets): This is sour…. It better keep me alive before barre class… oh crap I’m definitely going to need to pee 20 times during barre class… #fail

Juice 6 (Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Milk): This is just like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch SWOON… I’m going to live for this drink for the next 3 days… Wait are those chunks?

Rest assured world. I’m not going to bed hungry. T-2 days.



A penny for your thoughts

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