Forget B.C. and A.D.,  I’m tempted to use B.B. (before bar) and A.B. (after bar) as a temporal reference. This summer has been one for the record books. Lots of tears, stress, and eating my emotions (whoops!). But I’ve also made a lot of good memories this summer too! I celebrated weddings, births, graduations, and a new home for my grandparents.

The exam itself was physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling. I wouldn’t wish failure upon my worst enemy. I experienced #barmageddon, sleep deprivation, anxiety attacks, and a complete loss of appetite. If you see someone who just took the bar exam this week, do yourself and them a favor and don’t ask them “how was it.” Just buy them a shot. I’ll just say that when I get asked that question, my mind races through all the doubts and missteps I had throughout the exam. I’d rather never relive that. Plus, I’d much rather rather talk to you about the happy parts of my life I’ve been DREAMING about over the past 10 weeks…. like my trip to Florida next week, my first real job, and the resurrection of this blog!

The bar exam has become a part of my story, but it isn’t the whole story. That mindset has helped me keep my sanity this summer. The experience and the results don’t define me, but they definitely have and will shape me.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that October brings good news!


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