Video Review of the Vegan Cuts June Box!

Vegan Cuts sent me their June Snack box to review for you all. I have to say, I’m impressed! Vegan Cuts is a monthly subscription service where you get boxes of vegan snacks, vegan fashion, or vegan beauty products sent right to your door each month. The snack box, at $19.95/month, is a great way to try out new products that you may have never heard of before or may not be stocked in your local grocer. Find something you like? You can buy it over at the Vegan Cuts shop! So easy!

I recorded this video about a week ago and couldn’t decide if I wanted to upload it because I felt so awkward, but I figured what the hell, this is my first one. Once I got over seeing myself on screen, I realized I actually had a ton of fun making this video and definitely plan on making more video posts in the future. You can subscribe to my new youtube channel here.

There were 10 products included in the June box, which I describe in my full glory in the video. I was really surprised by the amount of snacks included. 10 snacks is good for 2 weeks of packed lunches for work! As a newbie to a plant-based diet, I LOVED this because 9/10 items were things I never had or even heard of before. I also really appreciated that the snacks were all from small producers, you aren’t going to find vegan products from say… Kashi in their boxes. I haven’t had a chance to try the all of products yet but I will post again when I do.

P.S. I found video blogging to be a great way to work on my presentation skills. I definitely talk way too much with my hands #jerseyproblems and say “and” as a mental tick. I’m glad blogging has a side benefit for this future attorney! If you have any other constructive feedback I’d love to hear it!

– B

Disclosure: I received a free Vegan Cuts box from Vegan Cuts in exchange for writing a review on the blog but all reviews are honest and my own.


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