Bon Weekend


Week 3: DONE. Ok, well…. kinda. I had a bit of a medical snafu this week that set me back a bit, but I’m hoping to be all caught up today… somewhere in between Veg Fest and my friend’s graduation party! I’m justifying my little studying breaks today because they will be during my lunchtime/dinnertime breaks and frankly I need to get outside and feel some sun! I hope you all enjoy this weekend, even those of you studying for the bar. T-6 weeks!

Here’s a bit about what’s on my radar this weekend:

+   Growing up, there were few songs that got the reaction out of me and my sister like Baby Got Back did. Looking back, our tween selves had NO idea what we were singing to. Those lyrics are pretty raunchy! Raunchy got classed up this week when Sir Mix-A-Lot paired up with the Seattle Symphony to perform his masterpiece. The woman in the black dress cracked me up.

+   The Washington Redskins won’t be called that much longer if the Native American groups have their way. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty racists team name. I think it’s time for them to move on. Check out this moving ad that activist groups are running during the NBA finals in select markets.

+   I love a good #tbt as much as the next instagram user. This compilation over GoT characters back in the day gave me a good laugh. I CANNOT wait for the finale tomorrow! Although, I’m not ready to lose my one TV show for months. Maybe I’ll finally read the books. #unlikely

+ Technology and fitness are like peanut butter and jelly these days. The amount of apps, bands, straps, and whatnot on the market is overwhelming. A good part of me wonders just how effective all this technology is. I suppose that if it gets people moving then that’s enough. One technology + fitness interaction I didn’t anticipate is yoga and technology. Enter: Lunar and it’s futuristic yoga mat called Tera. 

+  OK so apparently quinoa is scandalous these days thanks to an article by the Guardian which places  a whole lot of unnecessary blame on non-meaters for an unnecessary amount of world problems. As my blog name suggests, I’m a pretty big fan of quinoa and these allegations were pretty unsettling. So I did some internet browsing of my own and found this article debunking the claims against vegans and vegetarians and placing the environmental blame solidly on meat eaters. When it comes to the economic impact of the growing quinoa demand in “the West,” this Slate article gives a great discussion of the greater complexities North-South exchange.


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