Gel Mani… of the Future!

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 6.56.09 PM

Gel manis and I have a love-hate relationship. I love that I don’t smudge my polish  while getting my keys out of my bag 2 minutes after getting my nails done. I HATE, hate, hate trying to get it off. My nails always end up looking like I never had a vitamin in my life. Plus there’s that moment, where I slip my hands into the UV machine and immediately remember that thing I was supposed to do… PUT SUNSCREEN ON MY HANDS!! Ugh. #palegirlprobz

Enter: Butter. Which I prefer to say the Paula Deen way…”butt-uh.” Butter: that nail polish that’s a little bit more than Essie so I never buy it. UNTIL TODAY! Butter, cruelty-free geniuses that they are created polish that makes all of you other polishes last like gels. Can I get a hell yes? No salon, no UV, no formaldehyde, no stylist you’re sure is insulting your outfit, YES please!

Get the glory here.


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