Bon Weekend

6d3e9763da892e45565eb9e1e4bb3847Week 2 = complete. It seriously feels like a hot second ago that I writing that week 1 of bar prep was done. I suppose time flies when you’re watching videos/doing multiple choice questions/writing essays/writing flashcards/one page outlines…. you get the point. I’m actually pretty thankful that the minutes, hours, days, and weeks are flying by. The sooner this thing is done and over with, the better.

In other news, I found my self in a serious food rut this week. I did great my first week of bar prep. I made lentil masala, tons of avocado toast, and many a green juice. This week that all fell to the wayside Read: way too much frozen vegan meals. Game Plan:

1. I need to do some food shopping. I don’t even have bread!

2. I need to bulk cook over the weekends when I have more time (relatively speaking).

3. Freeze food that I’m not going to eat in 48 hours. No more forgetting about things in the fridge!

I’ve been seriously inspired by blogs like The First Mess (gorgeous photos!), The Collegiate Vegan (budget friendly!), and The Glowing Fridge (the most delicious looking smoothies I ever did see) over the past few weeks. I think I’ll pick a few recipes from these fantastic ladies to try!

Here’s a bit of what else is going on in my world:

+   Wanderlust is tomorrow! I’ll be swapping my usually PM yoga at Wake Up for the 1:30 session in the Piazza. Anyone else going?

+   So there are these “ag-gag” bills being passed around the country. These laws punish –even jail—anyone seeking to expose animal cruelty or other abusive farm practices through photographs, videos and other means. Crazy right? Whether or not you are vegan/vegetarian/ or a broccoli hating, straight up lioness carnivore, I think we have a right to know what happens to our food before it lands on our plate. Here’s a cutesy little video discussing the issue. It’s literally just a minute long so try to watch it and if you agree then you can sign the petition against ag-gag laws.

+   Ok no judgment here: So my sis and I sign up for the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body program. If you aren’t aware of Kayla, she’s a 23 year old personal trainer from Australia who is ripped and also kind of a big deal on Instagram. She made this program to focus on the areas that you know 20-sometings want to look good. Read: everything but mostly abs :-P… just me? The before and after pictures she shares are insanely impressive. I figured I don’t have much to lose (besides a little flub) so why not! I do yoga almost every night and figured this could be a great morning workout. I need something to get me out of bed in the AM! I haven’t decided how much of before & after photos and thoughts I’ll be sharing on here but I promise it will be less than zero! Has anyone else tried it?

Ok…. I really didn’t have that much time to dilly dally on the internet this week so that’s all I got. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. I’d love to live vicariously through you all!

– B


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