Bon Weekend


One week of bar prep = COMPLETE. It’s horrible because I’m cooped up studying inside all day now that it’s finally starting to be consistently nice outside. Realistically however, it’s manageable. I start around 8 am and finish around 6 or so (with a 1 hour lunch break, and 10 min brain breaks here and there.) I’ve been able to cook, clean, go to yoga everyday, and even go bowling last night. It’s not how I’d like to spend my summer but I know I’ll survive. Here’s a bit of what’s on my mind that has nothing to do with the bar exam:

+   I’m not really sure what I just watched here but it’s definitely in a whole different league from the typical dance performances you see on Sou You Think You Can Dance or America’s Got Talent. It’s light and human form mixed into one. While the dancing is impressive, I think the light effect people deserve the real credit.

+   America’s Next Top Model casted a young woman with vitiligo to be a contestant. Personally, I love this. I started developing vitiligo when I was about 10 years old. Even though I’m fair skinned (something that minimizes the contrast), my vitiligo is something I am still self-conscious about, especially in summer months. It took many years before I could walk out of my house and forget about the appearance of the skin on my feet, knees, and neck. I applaud Tyra and the other producers for casting beyond the typical beauty norms. If it gives young girls with skin imperfections – be it acne, psoriasis, or vitiligo a little extra confidence then bravo!

+   I’ve increased my yoga practice A LOT since beginning to study for the bar. It really is the only thing that keeps me sane and my stress in line. I have the tendency to hold tension in my shoulders, especially when sitting for 8+hours a day studying. I can’t even begin to tell you what chaturanga and wheel pose has done for my back. This Buzzfeed post with more appropriate yoga pose names made me LOL. I’ve definitely thought some of these things while getting my yoga on.

+   I LOVE High Street on Market. After brunching there, I knew it had something special going on. Upping its awesome rating, High Street on Market will be hosting a series with Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars fame. The first dinner on June 3 will  feature spring produce like ramps, rhubarb, and strawberries. The other dinners will be on July 22nd and September 30th. According to Philly Mag, “McClellan will speak briefly before each meal about the process of preserving and since the events are spaced throughout the growing season you can expect to see real diversity in each menu.” Reservations are suggested. $25/person.

+   I didn’t make the switch to a (almost entirely… more on that eventually) vegan diet to lose weight but I found that I naturally lost about 5 pounds in the first few months of eating vegan. This study speculates that part of the common vegan weight loss may have to do with how a plant-based diet affects metabolism.


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6 thoughts on “Bon Weekend

  1. Ugh, bar prep = the worst! You’re right though, it really is manageable even though I’m complaining a lot. I’ve definitely been getting my workouts in but yoga has been slacking which is not good! I’m trying to change that this week though and get back to my daily practice. I think the move and things just threw me off. I hope you’re enjoying a little break this weekend!

  2. Sending out a I love ur blogs for all of the ones I have read so far and its great to meet a fellow veggie friend. I wish there was a Veg Fest close to my home here in Kentucky. :O) Sounds fun.

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