Bon Weekend



To say I’m a little anxious right now would be an understatement. I’ve started bar prep and I’m still dealing with all the emotions that come with graduation. C+Q has become a real happy place for me when I can just be myself, let some creative juices flow, and just have fun. For those reasons, I’m not ready to sign off from C+Q completely during bar studies. I know I’m going to need it. However, I’m probably going to be pretty absent from twitter and Instagram. I just won’t have the time to stalk these sites as I’d like to. I might even delete apps or deactivate some accounts… we’ll see. I promise there will be somethings to look forward to on the blog over the next 10 or so weeks so don’t tune me out! I have a smattering of new restaurants and fitness event I’ll be going to on weekends. I’m also going to do yoga every day to help with stress relief so you can definitely expect some posts about that. I also plan to do massive meal prep on Sundays to carry me through the week, I hope to share some recipes and tips for vegan meal planning on a budget.

Now here’s a bit about what’s on my mind this weekend:

+ This post from Garance Dore really has me thinking. There is so much societal “honor” is moving up the latter that sometimes we forget that if we are happy then maybe we are in just the right spot. I think the pressure to be the biggest and best is runs rampant in the legal industry. Even in my few short years in the legal industry, I’ve seen money and the perceived “honor” of advancement spoil the dreams of good intentioned people. This quote really spoke to me: “But it’s also very cool to just love your job as it is, to love the place where you live, and the world you’ve created for yourself, whatever that may be.”

+ These “Finger Paintings” of  water are unreal. I can’t draw a stick figure so this was absolutely mind-blowing to me.

+ My best friend, Vanessa, sent me this video of a Yale study called Cute Aggression. Ever wonder why you want to pinch a baby’s cheeks or squeeze a puppy when you pick it up? Yale has the answers.

+ I’ve had the same bed for the last 5 years ago. It’s IKEA, it’s squeaky, and frankly its ugly. With my first paycheck come fall, I’m looking forward to some bedroom updating! This post gave me some serious inspiration from my favorite store on earth: TARGET!

– B

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3 thoughts on “Bon Weekend

  1. I have an IKEA bed! It’s absolutely awful. The boards are constantly sliding out of place! And very interesting post from Garance Dore. Thanks for sharing!

    Good luck these next few weeks. We can do it!

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