Bon Weekend


TGIF! The past week has been a bit hectic! My little sis graduated college last weekend and I couldn’t be more proud (photo evidence). I’m really excited to see what the future holds for her and what car she picks as a graduation present :-P. Speaking of graduations… T-6 days! Although I’m very excited to graduate, I don’t think the real excitement will come until after the bar exam. Studying for the bar commences after Memorial Day and I’m just trying to fill my days with as much activity as I can until that horrid date! Now here’s a bit of what’s on my radar in the days to come and picks of stories from around the web:

+  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been biking a lot more. After finishing my internship in Camden, I decided that the $90+ septa pass wasn’t worth it. I spiffied up my bike after a long winter of rest and got peddling. Today was supposed to be Bike to Work Day, but it got delayed due to the beautiful nasty weather until May 19. I may never bike to work since I commute to NJ, but I am in definite solidarity with those who do. More bike lanes please! I’d also love for the (out of commission) 12th street trolley tracks to get paved over, I nearly killed myself on them the other day! #wishfulthinking

+  I’ll be doing Yoga on the Steps this Sunday with Arielle of Hungry and Single fame along with some mutual friends. Yoga on the Steps is a beautiful event where hundreds of people do yoga on the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum to raise money for breast cancer research. I’ll be yoga-ing in honor of my Aunt Babs who is currently battling breast cancer.

+  If you can’t make it to Yoga on the Steps, there is a free synergy partner yoga class on Sunday at 10 am. Philly Yoga Factory and Lululemon are patterning up to teach you how to do all that crazy (awesome) nonsense you see going down in Rittenhouse Square on sunny days. But for real, synergy yoga is a form therapeutic yoga that incorporates elements of Thai massage, yoga and Capoeira, all done with a partner. The class will be held at Bikram Yoga Philly [1520 Sanson Fl. 3] and no RSVPs are necessary.  You can show up with a partner or be paired with one there. It sounds pretty intimate to me (hello! Thai massage!) so I’d show up with one or show up looking for love.

+  I first came across this inspiring runner, in an instagram picture following the Broad Street Run.  Turns out the man in the photo, John Schultz, is nearly 82 and didn’t even start running until he was 59! Philly Mag did a beautiful write up of his running journey and his motivation to continue running.  A must read!

+  The Forbes 30 under 30 Summit is coming in Philadelphia in the fall. New life goal? I think so.

+ This epic kitchen hack solves a very serious first world problem. Make perfect mason jar-sized jar smoothies every time. Thank me later.

– B

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