MilkCrate Philly

Back on Earth Day, I talked about “10 Simple Ways to Go Green.” #2 on that list was “Shop Local.” A new Philly app, MilkCrate, will make that a million times easier! MilkCrate accumulates stores, restaurants, you name it… that are local and sustainable. I love supporting small, local businesses but most of all small business that have great values! Check out this short video from the creators themselves:

Pretty cool, huh? I day say I think this may be the new “green” Yelp. I really love how the sustainability features are designated in the app so you know just what this business is doing. The general label “green” doesn’t have much weight these days. The app itself is pretty attractive looking too! Yup, I judge apps by their “cover”… so sue me.

mcI can’t wait for this bad boy to launch and become a part of my regular app rotation!




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