The Philly 10K


Ok so remember how like 5 hours ago I posted about how much I loved the Broad Street Run and that I wanted to find a new race? Lo and behold, the Philly 10K got announced today! Perfect timing, if I say so myself.

The race will start and end along Passyunk Ave. I live on Passyunk so I’m really liking the idea of rolling out of bed and going to this race. The course will take runners along Passyunk Ave., through the Italian market, up through Midtown Village, across the loft district, down through historic Old City, Queen Village, and Pennsport, and ending up back at Passyunk Avenue by the Singing Fountain. Ya dig? Basically, I get to run through my favorite parts of the city without worrying about red lights. Booyah!

There will be a post-race festival on East Passyunk from 9AM-11AM where food and drinks available for sale from local vendors. Seeing that Passyunk Ave. was rated one of the top 10 foodie streets in the country, you know the food will be good. Best of all, runners over the age of 21 will receive a complimentary beer from PBC which they are brewing just for the race! Runners will also get a free t-shirt and custard from Shake Shack, but let’s be real, we are most excited about the beer.

Registration opens May 12. Who’s with me?

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