Bon Weekend


What a day today has been: 4 mile morning run, dog park with Beau, and Han Dynasty with my boyfriend and his dad (p.s. my mouth is still on fire). I have to admit I’m quite nervous for the Broad Street Run. It’s my first run… like ever. I have good group of girlfriend I’m running with and trust me I’ll be thinking about post-race brunch the whole time #pancakesplease. Having a banging playlist helps too (more on that tomorrow).

Speaking of brunch, I’m going to High Street on Market tomorrow (le finally) after picking up my BSR bib at the expo. I’m finally catching up with my roommate from a leadership conference way back in high school. She went to USC (in LA) for college and is now working back in the area. Look out for some serious food instagram-ing. I’m also hoping to stop by some of the outdoor excitement this weekend. Between the Rittenhouse Row Festival (Saturday — super looking forward to some snacks from V Street, upcoming baby sister to Vedge), South Street Festival (Saturday), and the opening of the Headhouse Square Farmer’s Market (Sunday), I have a lot to choose from!

Here’s what else is on my mind:

+  Be still my beating heart….J.Crew is launching a new line called J.Crew Mercantile. It’s supposed to be a more affordable line but somehow different from the factory store. Hearing the words “J.Crew” and “affordable” in the same sentence makes this young professional a very, VERY happy lady.

+  One of my favorite blogs, A House in the Hills, had a feature in Refinery29 on the best spring and summer recipes. OH.MY.GOD. Cabbage wraps, Mexican-inspired street corn, roasted potato and paprika chickpea salad, asparagus & corn cakes, roasted sweet potato and red onion salad, kale and blood orange salad, millet and broccolini salad. Tell me they all don’t sound amazing. Best part? All vegan! Also, I’m seeing a lot of recipes with millet. Is this a new thing? Afro-Vegan had a few recipes (including a smoothie!) which called for millet. Don’t tell me it’s the new quinoa because I’m not changing my blog name (again).

+  This NPR article made me LOL. “When A Yoga Teacher Ticks You Off, Is It Rude To Walk Out?” If that isn’t the biggest first world problem, I don’t know what is. Seriously, unless the instructor is a racist, misogynistic pig or abusive, suck it up and don’t go back. I’d definitely complain to the front desk if the behavior is bad enough to keep you from coming the studio. However, if it’s just the teaching style you don’t like, take a lesson from yoga and don’t sweat the small stuff.

+  I finished law school last week but I’ve saving my celebrations for after the bar exam in August. I would love to go crazy and go one a once in a life time vacation, but that’s just not financially possible right now. A friend mentioned possibly doing a yoga retreat and honestly that sounds wonderful. I could not imagine anything more relaxing following the stress of the bar exam. I came across this retreat in upstate New York and I think I have to go. Yoga + vegetarian cooking lessons + beautiful grounds = SIGN THIS GIRL UP! Has anyone gone on a yoga retreat before?


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