Sweaty at Philly Power Yoga


Today I ventured over to Philly Power Yoga for another #yelpfitclub event. Philly Power Yoga just so happens to be located in the same building as Thrive Pilates which I went to a few weeks ago at 2016 Walnut Street. This was my first hot yoga class so I was bit (totally & completely) nervous. I envisioned doing yoga in a sauna. During that vision I would collapse and die and my obituary would say fond things about my desire to become a yogi but my resistance to say “om” at the end of class…. I digress. Like any newbie, I plopped myself in the back row but not too far off-center and with a solid view of the mirror. WRONG. Hot yoga = front row. Little did I know I positioned myself right in front of a space heater. Not the smartest move but the heat ended up being surprisingly tolerable.

At the beginning of class we set our intentions. For this class I wanted to focus on cleansing. I may or may not have eaten an entire pizza this weekend. Whoops! I wanted to reset my body to get back on a healthy track and this class was going to be my proverbial reset button. The instructor, Marissa, was great! She lead us through a very well rounded class with just enough legs, abs, twists, inversions, and back bends. I really didn’t feel like anyone muscle group got over exerted.

Here’s the rundown of my review.

Sweat: 15/10

Remember when I said I couldn’t get much sweatier after Thrive Pilates? I lied. Although, in all fairness this was a totally different kind of sweat. It wasn’t HIIT or cardio sweat. It was “holy shit it is hot and I didn’t know I could sweat from there”-sweat. My intention was to cleanse and I’m pretty sure all of my sweat glands got a good cleansing today. 

Breath: 2/10

This is yoga! Only ujjayi breath over here! Ok, for some poses the ujjayi was a little more pronounced but that’s what you’re supposed to do right? Send your breath to that part of your body that needs strength. I’m not the only who does that… right?

Pain: 3/10

So the true test will come tomorrow. I really pushed myself on leg stretches today so I’m sure stairs will be a blast tomorrow. I still struggle with most poses that require arm strength (I’m talking about you side plank). Hopefully with a few more classes that will become easier.

After class I treated myself to a kale and apple smoothie from Pure Fare [119 S. 21st St.]. It was deliciously light and creamy. I really appreciated that all their juices were dairy free! I also treated myself to an outfit for the Broad Street Run (T-1 week!!) from Lululemon [1527 Walnut St.] and a new curling wand that I’ve had my eyes on. Beachy waves – you will be mine!

P.S. Lululemon, this was my first purchase and I get the craze. Your fabrics are phenom. Prices… not so much. I want to give a shout out to Brett and the girl in the fitting room whose name escapes me. I have had some seriously horrific customer service at Lulu before, (ok… every time before) but you ladies broke the mold. I blame you (and thank you) for the amount of money I spent today. I’ll see you at Broad and Jackson on May 4th!



2 thoughts on “Sweaty at Philly Power Yoga

  1. Oh I LOVE Philly Power Yoga – I used to go all the time in college. I’ve always had good classes there. So you went to a power yoga class, and not a bikram yoga class, right? I know the heat is intense and PPY, but bikram is supposed to be so much hotter (104 degrees) – can you imagine?! I don’t know if I could handle that heat!

    Good luck on the Broad Street Run!

    • Yes, it was power yoga and not Bikram. I don’t know that I would like the repetition of Bikram but I’d like to give it a shot one day. Maybe in the winter when I’m craving some heat! I’m going to need all the luck I can get for Broad St. so thanks!

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