Yoga in the Park


Yesterday, I got my yoga on with a few friends at the Schuylkill River Park. Finding the park itself (over a pedestrian bridge) was easier said than done. Rather than entering from 25th and Locust as suggested online, next time  I will just take the staircase down from the Walnut Street bridge. That way seems much more direct!

Once I found where I was supposed to be, I was surprised by just how many people there were! As a latecomer, I unfortunately found myself placing my mat on a bit of an incline. This proved to be a pain when it came to the balancing poses which I am notorious bad at to begin with. No former cheerleader here!

The class itself was great! At the beginning of the session, the instructor gave us a moment to think about what we would like to dedicate today’s practice to. Since this week marks my last week of law school (!!!), I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate my practice to my motivation. That if I work towards something, be it law school, the Broad Street Run, becoming vegan, or Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose), I can achieve it.


The pace was comfortable and not too challenging (aside from balancing) for me. However, the instructor did give plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself or make modifications throughout. The instructor’s assistants were helpful in correcting alignment. However, one of my friends felt that they should have asked before touching to make corrections. I have to agree with that. By far the hardest aspect of the class was not getting distracted by all the cute puppies that were walking by! My only regret? Not taking an allergy med before coming! I didn’t even think about that aspect of being outside on a beautiful spring day. I will definitely be going back and this time arriving early to get prime yoga mat real estate! Next stop? Yoga on the Pier!



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