#PhillyFitClub2014: Thrive Pilates


Yesterday, I went to my first #PhillyFitClub2014 event at Thrive Pilates! Thrive is located at 2016 Walnut St., just a stones throw away from Rittenhouse Square. For Fit Club, we took Thrive’s Cardio Sculpt class. Judging by the amount I sweated during the class, I’d say it lived up to its name. Granted, the lack of AC on an 80 degree+ day wasn’t helping mitigate the heat we were creating during class. Get on that Thrive! The wimpy fans aren’t cutting it!

Back to the class… the instructor, Chelsea was awesome. She created the class herself. Thrive Cardio Sculpt had elements of cardio, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, and dance. It was hard work but a lot of fun! I’d say it was comparable to a BodyPump class in that it was low weights and high reps, but less conventional moves like sit-ups and push-ups. For each of the moves, we would count down together as a class from 8. I actually really liked saying this aloud as opposed to just hearing the teacher say it. When the repetitions got hard, we could say the numbers as loud as we wanted to get us through it. Chelsea also seemed to have the innate ability to know when to switch between cardio and strength moves so we could catch our breath. She also had great little pep up phrases throughout like “it’s only 1 hour of your day,” “you came here to work out”, “just because it hurts doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” I really appreciated that these weren’t constantly said and were used sparingly. I may be alone in this but I find it immensely annoying when instructors are constantly cheering us on.

I typically judge classes on 3 factors: sweat, whether I get out of breath, and pain the next day. Here’s the rundown.

Sweat: 9/10

Couldn’t get much sweatier if I tried. Everyone in the class was dripping by the end of class.

Breath: 5/10

I definitely had an elevated heart-rate for the entire course but never felt like I had to stop to catch my breath. I like that. 

Pain: 3/10

I not in too much pain today. My calves are a bit sore, which makes sense because we had an emphasis on legs. I probably wouldn’t want to do any arm workouts today either, but at rest they feel fine. 


Following class, a few of us went to Yellow Juice Bar [2046 Sansom St.] to refuel. I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with either the customer service or the juice. There were some technical difficulties with the credit card reader which the counter server was quite flippant about. Unfortunately,  juice was sub-par too. There was a TON of foam and the flavor wasn’t that good (I got the #4 in veggie& fruit juices). I think I’ll stick with my homemade juices and Sip’n’Glow [932 South St.] for the occasional splurge.

P.S. If you “check  in” at Thrive on Yelp, you get 15% off at Pure Fare [119 S. 21 St.] right around the corner!


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