Vegan BBQ Craving

For the past few weeks I’ve had a mean barbecue craving. I’m blaming the warm weather. I used to love going to Baby’ Blue’s BBQ in UCity since it’s so close to my law school and indulge on some southern comfort food. To be honest, I thought when I chose to switch to a plant-based lifestyle, I had said goodbye to my beloved barbecue sauce drenched meals. Sure, I could dip my vegan “chicken” nuggets in to barbecue sauce but it’s so not the same. So imagine my surprise and delight when I was shopping in Green Aisle Grocery on Passyunk Ave. and came across Michael’s Barbecue Seitan.

bbqseitanHoly smokes is this stuff good and so close to the “real” thing! I heated it up in a skillet for just a few minutes since it was in the frozen section. To my delight, it even charred a little bit to give a real grilled look and flavor. I plopped it on a hotdog bun with a side of veggies (not shown), sat down to watch the Phillies, and was in heaven. It was the perfect 5-minute work night dinner! The seitan had the consistency of tender chicken and the sauce was delicious and sweet. I think next time I may try shredding it to make it like a pulled pork/chicken sandwich… with a side of vegan coleslaw perhaps? This will definitely be a grilling season staple! Has anyone made their own vegan BBQ dish before?

photo 2

N.B. Regarding meat comparisons, I, much like many other vegans, I didn’t give up meat because I didn’t like the way it tastes. Rather, I gave it up because I don’t like what it does to my body, the environment, and of course the animals. Further, describing plant-based foods this way has convinced my meat-loving boyfriend and Dad to give many meat-alternatives like tofu and seitan a shot.




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