Get My Nails Did


Running theme: I’m a broke law student.

Like any girl, I like getting pampered from time to time. As a girl on a budget, these pampered moments tend to fall around special occasions. Graduations, weddings, Barrister’s Ball (aka law school prom), and vacations. You know what is a sure fire way to ruin a special occasion? Infection. You may not think about it, but most nail salons are pretty grimy places. I know I’m not the only one who sometimes bleeds a bit when I have an overzealous cuticle clipper. That open sore is fertile ground for an infection.

ENTER: Lacquer Lounge.

This place is so sterile you could run scientific experiments inside of it. When I first went to Lacquer Lounge at their Queen Village location (501 Fitzwater), I was almost taken back by the cleanliness. “What do you mean there aren’t massaging chairs?” I got over it real fast (seriously, look how beautiful that salon is) and honestly didn’t miss the kneading/vibrating/rolling (or the nasty attached tubs) that much. The manicure was great and they even fixed-up (ie. scraped off) a horrendous gel mani that I at another salon that shall not be named.  I’m so happy to hear that they just opened up their second location yesterday in the Rittenhouse neighborhood. I would highly recommend checking out them out!

 2051 Walnut Street


Ps. Keep your eye out for Groupons/LivingSocial Deals! Lacquer Lounge has done them in the past!

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