So the Editor-in-Chief, Lucy Danziger, of Self Magazine suddenly got replaced today by the EIC of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Following #tutugate last week, this isn’t too surprising. If you aren’t familiar with the latest “#-gate,” Self’s latest issue (like all others) featured a BS-meter. Towards the BS -end of the spectrum was the above-picture. Little did the author of the article know that this tutu-sporting woman was running a marathon… AFTER BEATING CANCER. Cue twitter outrage. Following several other journalistic faux-pas’s under her watch, including ridiculous photoshopping, cover girl drama, and now this; I don’t find Ms. Danziger’s departure all that surprising. Frankly, as a subscriber to Self, I am relieved to see she has been… ahem… relieved of her duties. Although, I must add that I’m not exactly what you’d call a “Cosmo Girl,” so I wait with bated breath to see what this new EIC has in store for Self.


Image via Huffington Post


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