Pounding Pavement

My training for the Broad Street Run has fallen off the tracks in recent weeks. The weather has been horrific in Philly and I frankly couldn’t stand running on the treadmill anymore. I don’t know what it is with the treadmills at my gym but I get a really sore throat after just a few minutes of running. No bueno. Today, Mother Nature told me she loves me. It was BEAUTIFUL. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and just get out there and pound some pavement. Running though South Philly, the Italian Market, and even Broad Street a bit was so refreshing. I may or may not have hummed a little Eye of the Tiger along the way. I only ran for about 2 miles but it was an AMAZING 2 miles. Even running into the wind at the beginning didn’t seem insurmountable. My only complaint was that my keys were pressing into my hipbone the whole time. I’m going to need to seriously reconsider their location for my next run. I really need to push myself over the next few weeks to get in better shape for the race. I’m hoping the weather holds up for me!



A penny for your thoughts

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