Six Pounds


Six Pounds. According to the cruise director of the Norwegian Sky, that’s what the average cruiser gains on her cruise. Pretty scary statistic, but not all that surprising considering the whole “free UNLIMITED food thing.” I have to admit, I was pretty nervous stepping on the scale after 5 days of sailing throw the Bahamas. The result: NADA. I was shocked that I didn’t put on a pound. Granted, I didn’t lose any weight either (not that I was trying to.) However, I think if I did the same amount of activity at home then I would shed a few pounds.

I ate healthier but I also felt that I could indulge a bit because I was on vacation. The result: picking healthy choices but just more of them. Typically, when I go out to eat, I’m spending money. On the cruise, I wasn’t, so I would order an appetizer, soup or salad, entrée, and sometimes dessert. My appetizers were healthy choices like tuna tartare, soups were veggie based, salads had low -fat dressings, entrées were either fish or vegetarian, and dessert… well, there was no trick for dessert that was cheesecake every time. My only disappointment in my eating habits was that I was eating fish when I typically eat vegetarian/vegan meals at home. Unfortunately, I found the vegetarian options underwhelming early on. The veg dishes were often smothered in cheese, cream, or fried. Read: nothing like the vegan food cooked at home or the vegetarian food I eat out in Philly.

To counteract my increased eating, I made sure to increase my activity. We never just lounged at the pool ordering frozen drink after frozen drink. Rather, we walked around Nassau, explored beaches, went crazy at Atlantis’ AquaAdvenure water park, swam in the pool, ran on the treadmill overlooking the sea… and then ordered a frozen drink 😉 The key to me for healthy cruising was to continue just what I did: enjoying in moderation and staying active. Unfortunately, I can easily see how those with less healthy lifestyles could easily walk away with 6 extra pounds.




A penny for your thoughts

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