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The first time I tried spinning I thought I was going to die. About 15 minutes later, I though “THAT WAS EFFING AWESOME WHEN CAN I GO AGAIN?!” Unfortunately for me, a sad poor law student,  the spinning classes offered at the school’s gym were at inconvenient times and the spinning studios in town are way to expensive… So class #2 didn’t happen until almost a year later (2 weeks ago) at FlyWheel’s studio in Philly. FlyWheel graciously hosted a free spinning class for law students with a suggested donation going to the American Cancer Society. The class was a great time. The instructor was upbeat and played “Throw Back” music upon our request. Nothing like sweating to Ja Rule, Eminem, and Blink182.  In the front of the room, there are TVs that show a live-updating leader board based on different factors like speed, distance, or energy created. I really liked that concept,  but I was so insecure because I knew everyone in the room. I think I’d like that feature more in a room full of strangers.

FlyWheel recently launched an app to make the entire experience more interactive and seamless. I honestly don’t know why more fitness studios don’t have apps like this. With the new app, you can reserve classes with your favorite instructors, buy class credits, find Flywheel studios near you, and check your personal performance data to see how you measure up. Your first class is free so give it a shot! I’m looking for my next chance to go back and try their FlyBarre class!

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Some features of the app include:
• Make reservations for Flywheel indoor cycling and FlyBarre classes.
• Buy credits, memberships and gift cards.
• Check-in to class on your way to the studio (as long as you are within a 500 m of the studio and within 20 minutes of your class).
• Invite friends to take classes with you.
• Track enhanced performance data.
• Check out our new “Class Rank” to see how you performed against other riders in class.
• View “Percentiles” to see how you compare to other riders in your region across all key metrics like Torq (i.e. Resistance), RPM’s, Speed, Distance and Calories Burned.
• Add classes to your calendar (and avoid those no-show fees).

You can download the app here.

Philly Followers: FlyWheel is located at 1521 Locust St.


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